Why Choose the Fort Worth Emergency Medicine Program?

Fort Worth — the city of cowboys and culture — is home to the John Peter Smith (JPS) Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program.

Our residents receive and contribute to the highest quality education available in areas such as Critical Care, Trauma, and ED Administration in both U.S. and global health serving adult and pediatric patient populations. We offer academic, administrative, and ultrasound fellowships.

Our Administrative Fellowship Program is an immersive two-year program that provides hands-on involvement with Emergency Department and Hospital Leadership with concurrent enrollment in a Masters’ program (MBA, MMM, MHA, MPH). Administrative Leadership within Hospitals and, in particular, within Emergency Departments, is a critical area of expertise and requires understanding the complexities that comprise the dynamic. This program is designed to facilitate the Fellow’s education, experience, and understanding of this complex system. By giving you the tools and resources to be actively involved, yet still under the mentorship of Physician Leaders, the learning curve for the development of a successful Physician Leader is greatly reduced.

We are dedicated to graduating the new leaders of medicine – making a difference now and well into the future.

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Established in 1906, JPS has devoted more than 100 years to educating physicians while caring for the residents of Tarrant County as the area’s tax-supported hospital district

The ED provides care to over 120,000 patients per year

Approximately 24% of patients evaluated in the ED are admitted to the hospital

Our separate on site Urgent Care Center provides care for another 70,000 low acuity patients per year

Zero ambulance diversion hours since 2008

Resuscitation rooms equipped with digital radiography and articulating arm mounted ultrasound

The ED is fully telemetry equipped

Dual high speed CT scanners in the ED, adjacent to Trauma and Resuscitation Areas

STAT Lab in ED for point of care testing of time sensitive biomarkers

Top 10

10 Reasons to Choose the Fort Worth EM Residency Program

1. State-of-the-art Emergency Department and Level 1 trauma center with over 120,000 visits per year

 2. Ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse patient population that provides a broad and complex training experience

 3. Residents receive continuous, accurate feedback on clinical efficiency and patient satisfaction metrics that can be used to gauge educational success and preparedness for post-graduation independent practice

 4. Global health opportunities

 5. Dynamic, protected, weekly conference that is interactive and includes written and oral board prep workshops to ensure certification readiness

 6. Prehospital, mass gathering, and disaster medicine experience with postgraduate fellowship option

 7. Robust emergency ultrasound training during residency in one of the first CUAP accredited departments in the country, with postgraduate fellowship opportunity

 8. Longitudinal program leadership and mentorship enhances both in-training and postgraduate career development and satisfaction

 9. Outstanding EM and critical care experience combined with high yield off-service rotations

 10. Progressive scheduling and unparalleled resident benefits fostering outstanding quality of life in a vibrant metro area with small town charm and affordable cost of living


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